Do you rent or wish to rent your Paris apartment?

Do you want to lend your apartment or undertake a house exchange?

Are you a professional who rents furnished apartments?

Are you off-site, not available to take care of your vacant space ?

Do you need a high-end Concierge for your pied-a-terre ?


Thousands of guests welcomed since 2012

Abracadabra Paris manages all stages of rental of your main or secondary home in Paris.

Experienced in the management of apartments, we offer a range of services adapted to your needs.

We personally take care of your apartment and hospitality of your guests.

Every owner has different expectations: upon meeting you, we will detail all our capabilities.

For companies who need to welcome their own employees in Paris, we offer corporate housing services adapted to your needs.

Abracadabra Paris, a Concierge company for :

  • Check-in: reception of your tenants and key delivery
  • Conciergerie on-call during the stay of your guests
  • Intervention and maintenance in case of emergency
  • Check-out: departure of your tenants, key retrieval and cleaning service
  • Upkeep: recovery of mail, reading of electricity/gas meters, plant maintenance and watering.


We also help with:


  • Getting your space ready for rental: removing valuables, verifying that the tenants have what they need (dishes, utensils, linen, domestic appliances)
  • Creating a “Welcome Book” describing the rental, the area with a list of the “good addresses”
  • Inventory of household items.

Meet our team

We take care of your apartment and hospitality of your hosts, we do not delegate to any company outsourcing.


+ 33 (0)6 63 08 42 04

stephStephanie has 20 years experience as an executive in research marketing, which included full management of top international accounts. From 2010, Stephanie has had the full responsibility of several rentals in Paris. In 2012, she has co-founded Abracadabra Paris. Born and raised in Paris, Stephanie brings a lifetime love of the city to Abracadabra Paris. Like any Parisian, Stephanie is a self-proclaimed foodie and shopaholic who will pass on her inside knowledge to all your tenants.


julieJulie enjoyed a 16-year career in a recruitment agency for executives, with a side job of real estate management. Julie has managed apartments and their tenants in Paris since 2010. In 2012, she has co-founded Abracadabra Paris. She has a passion for riding her bike through the streets of Paris and stopping into coffee shops for breaks at will.

Both Julie and Stephanie have left their ‘desk jobs’ to follow their passion and pass on their knowledge of the City of Lights to visitors who wish to experience the real Paris.

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Availability & responsivness

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